OSAA action against Crater wrestling shocks many

Rogue Valley sports fans were shocked over the OSAA announcement Feb. 2 that Crater wrestling coach Greg Haga, was suspended from coaching or attending a wrestling event through the 2009-10 school year. Additionally, he may not coach any OSAA sport or activity through the 09-10 school year and is on probation in the wrestling program through the 2010-11 school year.

Charges included using an ineligible wrestler, having alumni
participate in practice on six occasions and  misrepresentation by a
student. OSAA said the student wrestled under an assumed name at a
tournament in Hawaii and there was misrepresentation by the coach,
according to the charges. Additionally, there are fines of $3,100.
Falls had two $100 fines and forfeits- one was for an ineligible
basketball player in one JV game while the other was allowing a student
to participate in more than the five quarter daily allowance in
The executive board voted to support a
proposal to place participation limitations on competitive
cheerleaders. The proposal will come before the delegate meeting on
Apr. 6.
The concern is that some schools allow individual
competitive cheerleading participants to perform in multiple levels at
the same competition., such as on JV and varsity. The ruling would say
"Under no circumstances may a varsity cheerleader participate in a JV
performance at any cheerleading competition."
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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