Winning Season for SCMS Wolverines

The 6th grade Shady Cove Wolverine team ended their season with a winning
record.  Feb 9they won an away game against Sacred Heart in overtime 27-26, led by point guard Kiana Sweem with 11 points and post Brenna Blankenship with 8 points.  Anna Evans, Brittany Zomerdyk, Lucy Linville, and Miranda Kayser also put points on the board. The euphoria didn’t last long, however, as the Lady Wolverines faced tough opponents in their final three games, losing to Prospect, Eagle Point, and Grace Christian.

The Wolverines never gave up, though, playing tough against the 7th and 8th grade team of Grace Christian.  The teams were tied at halftime, and Shady Cove had a 3 point lead with just 2 minutes to go, when Grace Christian put their varsity players back in to secure the victory. Brenna put up a magnificent block under the basket, denying the shot and creating a turnover with a 5 second penalty. Moments later, Brenna’s season ended with an ankle injury and was out for the rest of the game.   

Lead scorers for the season were 5’6" post Brenna Blankenship with 68 points, and 4’5" point guard Kiana Sweem with 66 points. Brittany Zomerdyk, Lucy Linville, and Miranda Kayser were other top scorers.     

On defense, Tianna Alexander, Anna Evans, Lisa Davis, Gina Rusnick, Bethany Persson, and Hanna Carnes played tough, denying shots and creating turnovers.  Most of the Wolverine opponents were older, taller, more experienced JV teams.  The Lady Wolverines didn’t let that interfere with their winning season.     

Coach Alexander commended the players for their dedication in near perfect attendance at early morning practices. The team would like to thank their coaches Fred and Kathy
Alexander, all the supportive parents and fans, and volunteer officials Nick Alexander
and Dustin Harper for making this season an enjoyable experience for all.

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