Butte Falls outlines changes expected 09-10

Butte Falls School District is projecting a cash carryover in the 2009-10 budget between $100,000 to $125,000. They do not plan to cut any days this year. However, they are looking carefully at the costs for field trips and have cut some. Superintendent Tim Sweeney said he will be available to drive on some field trips.

During the Mar. 9 work session, the board considered options for the coming budget year. Among them:

  • One teacher will be hired, not two. The average class size at the elementary level will be 16.8 pupils.
  • Assistant in elementary school to be cut back by 25%.
  • Title I will be cut in half and one instruction assistant position would be cut.
  • One instructional assistant cut from the general fund.
  • No assistant coaches
  • The administrative assistant hours reduced from 10 to 8 hrs a day.
  • Cut extra duty stipends by 50% across the board.
  • Ask union to approve a memo of understanding for wage freeze.

Sweeney said it is recommended that the PERS account be moved into the general fund.
Butte Falls could save about $7,900 a day on salaries and benefits if schools closed. However, the district would not receive money for ADA (average daily attendance)  nor would they receive funds from the state for meals served.

Sweeney shared some thoughts ion staffing for 09-10 school year. These include: Miss Fabich-fulltime K-1st with a fulltime instructional assistant; Skyler Harrington- move into some AM 2nd gr. classes, teach a class or two in 5-6-7 blend; Mrs. Powell- senior seminar at BHS, do RTI, afternoon 2nd gr.  and help Mrs. Freeman with paperwork,; new hire for grade 3-4; Mr. Schauffier, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Burns, Mr. Mike Harrington each teach a class or two in 5-6-7 blend.

There was discussion about the need to a certified teacher for Senior Seminar. At the regular board meeting held the evening of Mar. 9, Sweeney said if the district required seniors to take the course, and have a certified employee teach it, the college counselor position would not be necessary. This was reported satisfactory with the staff members and a motion was approved to require the class next year.

The board directed the superintendent to bring a procedure to the board concerning  volunteers/assistants in the classroom.

Two staff members are retiring. They are Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Strong-Faurholt.

The board approved contract renewals for probationary teachers and  licensed staff. For the 2009-10 year, the assistant to the superintendent contract was approved, pending funding, with a 25 percent decrease from the year previous. The second of the three year contract for the deputy clerk and administrative assistance was also approved. Mrs. Burg, volleyball coach, resigned.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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