Butte Falls student 2nd in state Voice of Democracy

Daniel Boyd is a name ro remember. Right now he is completing his senior year at Butte Falls High School. Tomorrow his name will be remembered as Dr. Daniel Boyd, graduate of not only Butte Falls High School but of Boston College, and perhaps other universities.

His accomplishments, awards and honors already fill several pages. The
most recent honor came as he placed 2nd in the State of Oregon Voice of
Democracy contest. This year’s theme was "Service and Sacrifice by
American’s Veterans Benefit Today’s Youth by.." and the contestant
completes the theme with a five minute presentation.
spoke about two moments that will forever change his life. One was when
he visited the Korean Memorial. He spoke of the complete and utter
silence, where not even a bug or bird could be heard as one paused and
looked into the eyes of statutes. "The dictionary defines Honor as;
‘that to which respect is due’, wrote Boyd. "In reality, words do not
give honors its meaning."
The second moment came at
Arlington National Cemetery when he saw the open field of tombstones
lining the horizon as far as the eye could see. "A slight wind rustled
the trees, a whisper of the past floated above in a voice of absolute
authority demanding one thing-RESPECT." said Boyd.
In addition to the Voice of  Democracy award, Boyd earned a number of academic honors
in 2008, including:
Forensic League Special Distinction Degree, Future Business Leaders of
America Certificate of Leadership, Student Body Government Outstanding
Leadership, Literature Critical Thinking and Analysis Award, Functions,
Stats, and Trigonometry Outstanding performance, Junior Writing Award
Certificate of Excellence, Certificate of Achievement, Close Up
Washington, D.C. Program.   
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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