Change in Harnish and Museum hours

Effective this week (April 1) Harnish Wayside and the Eagle Point Museum will have a reduction in hours. This move will allow both facilities to remain open additional time during the summer. This change is necessary due to the economic conditions.
Harnish will be closed Monday through Thursday, but open Friday,
Saturday and Sunday from 11-5 p.m. during April and May and the same
days in June, July and August, but the hours will be extended to be
from 10-8 p.m.

The Eagle Point Museum will be open Friday,
Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. in April and May and from 10-6
p.m. those three days in June, July and August.
Bailey, Parks and Recreation Department, reported that the city is
applying for a $250,000 grant from Oregon Parks & Recreation
through a local government grant program for the skateboard park. Wyn
Lewis and Gemma Marlia-Johnson with assistance from city staff are
nearing completion on commitments for the needed 40 percent match. SB
James, Copeland Construction, Hardy Engineering, Knife River, Rogue
Valley Sewer Service, H2 Construction and Pacific Electric are ready to
donate materials and labor. The city has donated the land and has
$30,000 in the 2008-09 budget. In addition, Wal-Mart and Avista have
donated to the project.
For the 17th year, Eagle Point has
been declared a "Tree City." Arbor Week will be the first full week in
April with Arbor Day on Apr. 9. That celebration will be at Chamberlain
Park at 2 p.m.
A request had been received from the Boy
Scouts to use the Community Building. They  offered to make repairs and
said they had some qualified personnel that could do work to improve
the facility. Dale Bohannan, city building official, inspected the
facility to determine its condition. His last inspection was in 2000.
Bohannan found a number of significant structural issues as well as a
complete lack of ADA standards. Bohannan also asked that the
electricity be turned off.
The city recommended that the
structure be closed to public use, that electrical be disconnected and
that the structure be used for storage only until funds are available
to demolish the building.
After reading Bohannan’s
recommendation, which said the building should be rendered totally
unusable, the council went beyond the city’s recommendation and voted
to remove the flags or anything else stored therein, and have the
structure closed completely until it can be demolished.
Works Director Robert Miller gave the council a written summary of the
almost daily changes in the federal economic stimulus that could affect
the county and cities, including Eagle Point.
mid-December, the League of Oregon Cities sent out a request for "ready
to go" infrastructure projects. The city had several: Main and Royal
intersection- $215,000; Main St. Improvements from Royal to Buchanan
including sidewalks, lighting, paving, curb and gutter- $615,000; 16
in. waterline- $570,000, a 12" waterline connection- $125,000 and the
skate park- $303,000.
As of last week with the numerous
changes in guidelines from the federal government, it appears about
$303,000 for some improvement on Main St. from Royal to Buchanan is
still in the program and may be possible in 2010. 
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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