D9 extends spring break, 10 more days are tentative

School District 9 decided last week they could not wait any longer to make decisions, some definite, some tentative, on school days for the remainder of the year. Staff and parents need to be able to plan ahead as much as possible.

Definite plans include extending spring break by two days. All schools and offices will be closed March 19 and 20, Thursday and Friday. This starts spring break two days early.

Effective April 1, early release Wednesdays will be cancelled. Superintendent Cynda Rickert said,” Wednesdays will be full days, which will offset the lost instructional days on Mar. 19-20.”

The following days are tentative and depend on the state legislative decisions as well as any possible federal stimulus dollars:

April 16 and 17. They are scheduled conference days. Cutting them would not take away student contact time, since students were not previously scheduled to attend school on those dates. But it will save staffing dollars.

Other tentative closure dates would be every Friday from April 24 through May 29.

If all closure dates are necessary, school would close June 5. This would cut June 9 and 10 out of the schedule. Teachers would work on June 8. Graduation would still be on Friday, June 5.

Rickert met last week with the Eagle Point Education Association co-presidents Janean Nodine and Lori Evans, and her cabinet to invite input on the plan.

“I must share that I feel more hopeful this week that all school districts will receive some relief,” noted Rickert on Feb. 27. She said districts hope to receive information this week from the legislature and governor. “However,” said Rickert, “I still believe it is most prudent to create a plan for ourselves that our students, employees, parents and community can keep moving forward with as clear a picture as possible. As we’ve been doing the past few months, updates will be forthcoming as state and federal budget information becomes available.”
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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