District 9-EPEA negotiation highlights

District 9 and Eagle Point Education Association met in their 16th session on March 4.

According to the EPEA Bargaining Update, two members of the EPEA team and two members of the district team met in what they term a “sidebar,” which was a discussion between the four members.  After that the EPEA team met with three other members of the district’s team. Questions, answers and subsequently notes were taken. And yet another two-on-two session was held and nothing substantial was reported as a result.

The district’s financial offer includes:

  • 1.5% increase 08-09 for both licensed and classified staff. $15.4 million
  • 3.4 step for licensed, 4.5% step for classified plus PERS and Social Security. $5.8 million
  • Full family medical, dental, vision. District pays $938 per mo. ($11,256 annually) for qualifying staff. Cost $4.3 million

2009-10 and 2010-11
*2% increase for both licensed and classified and same step increase as above. 
Licensed cost $15.9million and classified $5.9  million cost for 09-10 and $16.2 and $6.1 for 2010-11.

**Insurance starting in 2009-10 will insure employees working at least 20 hours a week, with district paying a pro-rated share. And, the district will insure one staff person per household. District will contribute $958 per mo. In 09-10 and $978 in 2010-11. – Cost $4.65million in 2009-10 and $4.6 in 2010-11.

*In 2009-10, employees will receive an additional 0.5% cost of living increase if enrollment equals a weighted daily average of at least 5,101.3 students and state funding equals at least $6,708 per student.  The same would be true for the 2010-11 year except funding would be $6,962 per student.

However, if enrollment is less than 5,101.3 or funding is less than $6,587, the salary and benefit provisions of the contract will be voided and negotiations on new salary and benefit provisions can be opened. Salary and benefit levels would be frozen until new provisions are approved.

**District will increase insurance an extra $5 per mo. In 09-10 and 10-11 provided the student numbers and cost per student as outlined in * prevail.  This could bring the district’s annual total cost to $11,856 per enrolled employee.

Overall, the district says this proposal shows pay increase of up to 20 percent over three years.   

Following are highlights of some of the differences between EPEA and District 9. (Editor’s note- This data is from a Jan. 15, 2009 summary provided by EPEA, and both union contracts. )

The union wants a two year contract while the district wants three years. EPEA would like a labor-management team composed of five people in each group to meet on issues. They say the district took that off the table.

Preparation time is an issue. The district wants one meeting a month (Wednesday early release) for elementary staff development, which EPEA contends takes away from elementary prep time.

While it appears both groups have said they will form a committee to study the elementary prep time, the union currently has a grievance filed over the issue and the union believes the district is trying to negate the grievance through a contract change.

The district wants included that within the workday, they may add a program that goes beyond the six period day for something like an advisor, guide or literacy period.

The district and union have previously agreed that middle school prep time may be during or outside the student contact day. The district wants to add that same thing could apply to the high school. Previously the decision or whether something is outside the contact day was mutually decided. The district wants that eliminated, changing it to the responsibility of the building administrator after consulting staff.

Details of job share is another issue.

It appears both EPEA and the district will increase the minutes of instruction at the high school by 22 minutes a day to meet state requirements. The district is also asking for the right to increase student contact time up to a maximum of six minutes or less per day during the term of the contract. The union does not believe the district should go beyond state requirements, especially with no increased compensation.

Use of video equipment seems to have become a major issue with EPEA members.  The district’s video use says “the superintendent will meet with principals annually and advise them of the appropriate protocols for using video surveillance.”  The union has added in their article “the purpose of videos in school is to insure the safety and security of staff, students and District equipment and facilities. It is understood that such surveillance can be used for corroborative evidence in employee dismissal cases.”  EPEA says the cameras were never meant to create a “big brother/sister” work atmosphere of distrust and spying. They feel it is a respect issue.

Cameras are not in classrooms. They are located in hallways and parking lots.

The sick leave bank is another stumbling block in negotiations. The district has changed the wore “serious” illness or injury to “catastrophic.”  The district wants those who want to participate in the bank to sign up by Sept. 30 and indicate how many days he or she would contribute. This is to be done annually. EPEA said currently members are not required to donate to use the bank. The district has said this is one of those issues that has been misused from time to time and therefore wants to make changes.

Currently 12-month employees get 20 paid vacation days if they have worked for the district for 20 or more years. EPEA is asking for 25 days for those employees. Those 12-month employees also get 11 paid holidays.

This list is not all of the differences nor does it go into great detail on any on the items.  They have scheduled another negotiating session Mar. 18.

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