Eagle Point's WaMu bids farewell to favorite teller

JoAnn Leffel
JoAnn Leffel

Things just won’t be quite the same after March 27 at the Eagle Point Branch of Washington Mutual. Something will be missing. That something is JoAnn Leffel. She doesn’t look like it, but she maintains she is really old enough to retire and that is exactly what she will be doing- well, at least she will be retiring from the banking business.


But when you have 10 grandchildren and a real interest in the schools
and community, retirement won’t find Joann in front of the television.
is a nice lady, a real sweetheart," said Wayne Brown. JoAnn worked for
Wayne at Eagle Thrift until he closed the store. But before Joann
worked for him, her son, Tim, spent some of his high school years
there. And now Tim, who lives in Utah, has five children.
have been a lot of changes in the 11 years Joann has been in the
banking business. When Eagle Thrift closed, JoAnn went to work for
Western Bank, which came Washington Mutual and now is owned by JP
Morgan Chase.
"She has such a sweet, bubbly positive
personality. Joann has been so much a part of our team. We will
definitely miss her," said Bobbie Dillinger Ustal, WaMu manager.
spends time in the schools with SMART reading program and Junior
Achievement. And she has always been one of the cashiers for the Exotic
Dessert, which was just held.
She has three children:
Bobbie Jo Bowles has two children and is manager of the WaMu
Jacksonville branch; Tim, who lives in Utah and has five children and
Shawn, who lives in Grants Pass and has three children.
JoAnn’s parents, Delbert and Marjorie Seyboldt, live in Shady Cove. Her brother is the well known artist, Carl Seyboldt.
Be sure and stop by the bank and/or the drive up and wish JoAnn well in her retirement.
The bank will have an open house for JoAnn Wednesday through Friday, Mar. 25-27.   
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent   


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