Equestrian team excels

The seven-member Eagle Point High School Equestrian Team had two first place winners in the Mar. 7-9 District event at Expo. Eagle Point coach Kenny Stanek is quite proud of the team; with only seven members, they placed fifth overall out of the 13 teams in the competition. The school that placed fourth had 10 members while the first place team had 23 members. There will be another District at Expo the last weekend in March. The state competition will be at Expo in mid-May. For more information, call Stanek at 890-8884.  Eagle Point results are as follows:

Four Person Drill: 1st (Megan Stanek, Alex Bates, Jo Stubbs, Lloyd
Russel); In Hand Obstacle Race- 6th (Jo Stubbs, Enedina Lamas, Shae
Rogers, Lloyd Russel); Canadian Flags- 2nd (Megan Stanek, Alex Bates,
Jo Stubbs, Enedina Lamas); Team Penning- 18th (Megan Stanek, Alex
Bates, Jo Stubbs); Working Pairs- 19th tied (Megan Stanek, Alex
Bates)(Shae Rogers, Lloyd Russel) 24th (Enedina Lamas, Jo Stubbs);
Birangle- 4th (Enedina Lamas, Jo Stubbs) 5th (Megan Stanek, Alex Bates)
50th (Lloyd Russel, Cathryn Gilbreath)
Individual Events:
Showmanship- 15th Shae Rogers, 35th Cathryn Gilbreath; Driving- 4th
Enedina Lamas; In Hand Trail- 3rd Shae Rogers, 7th Cathryn Gilbreath;
Stock Seat- 8th Shae Rogers, 26th Cathryn Gilbreath; Saddle Seat- 3rd
Shae Rogers; Trail- 3rd Shae Rogers, 22nd Cathryn Gilbreath; Working
Rancher- 6th Lloyd Russel; Barrels- 4th Alex Bates, 6th Megan Stanek,
7th Jo Stubbs, 37th Lloyd Russel, 59th Enedina Lamas; Figure 8 Race-
4th Megan Stanek, 10th Enedina Lamas, 15th Jo Stubbs; Pole Bending- 4th
Enedina Lamas, 9th Megan Stanek, 27th Alex Bates, 31st Jo Stubbs;
Individual Flags- 3rd Alex Bates, 7th Jo Stubbs, 22nd Megan Stanek;
Roping- 1st Alex Bates; Steer Daubing- 7th Lloyd Russel; Keyhole Race-
4th Enedina Lamas, 10th Jo Stubbs, 46th Cathryn Gilbreath
2009 Team Athletes:
Megan Stanek (Jr), Alex Bates (So), Lloyd Russel (Sr), Cathryn
Gilbreath (Jr), Enedina Lamas (So), Shae Rogers (Fr), Jo Stubbs

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