Mark Parara, Sr.

Mark Parara, Sr., of Eagle Point, died Mar. 1, 2009 at Providence Medford Medical Center. A private service will be held in his honor.
Mr. Parara was an avid hunter, fisherman, shooting enthusiast and rock collector. He loved to spend time visiting with his three grandchildren.
He came to Oregon when he was 19 to pursue a career as a chef, working first in Portland then in Medford. He was employed by the Hungry Woodsmen for a number of years, where he met his soon-to-be wife, Martha, and his son, Stephen. His son, Mark, Jr., was born soon after Mark and Martha’s marriage.
The family lived in Medford until 1991, when the moved to the Butte Falls area to build the home of their dreams. Mr. Parara worked at Cascade Electric until the mid-90s., when he became disabled and unable to work any longer. He survived cancer and numerous complications from surgeries associated with the cancer. He spent his free time working with various groups preserving salmon and steelhead habitat on Big Butte Creek and McNeil Creek, as well as various waterfowl and animal habitats in the area.
He was a caring and loving husband, father, son, brother, grandfather and friend and will be forever missed.
Mr. Parara is survived by his wife, Martha, mother, Edna; brothers, Kim and Gary; sister, Nikki; sons, Mark, Jr. and Stephen and three grandchildren.

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