No budget cuts, no cuts in days for Prospect

“Prospect will not be closing any days nor will we be laying staff off,” said Superintendent Don Alexander, late last week. He said the district has a deficit of $48,000. They will cover that with their cash carryover and if they are still in need of funds they have some savings and also have the Crater Lake Fund.

“It important to have kids in school and to have our staff working,” said Alexander.

While he agrees no one can forecast the future, Alexander was very confident last week as he talked about his district and its future.

Alexander said the board expects to approve turning Prospect into a charter school at their March meeting. They could use some of those funds for supplies or use some of their cash carryover, if needed.  The district is anticipating 180 students in the fall and hoping for 200.  Alexander said as soon as the charter school is officially approved he will be talking to people about the school and campaigning to increase enrollment.

Alexander said one reason Prospect has some money save is because they anticipated a figure two years ago of $5.8 billion in school funding not the $6.2 billion many districts used to prepare their budget. And, Alexander said they tried to be  conservative in their enrollment estimate.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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