Prom dresses, personal items needed by teens

"Dresses ‘n more!" Donations of the following items will help support Upper Rogue students during this economic slump. Your help is needed. Dresses, shoes, bags, and jewelry for prom. Eagle Point prom is April 25. All styles and sized welcome there is a need for hygiene supplies, such as shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, dental floss, deodorant, hair brushes. Students are trying to finish the year up strong so backpacks, school supplies, binders, and sleeping bags are also a need.
All items should be new or like-new. If you wouldn’t use it, please do not donate it. If you have other clothing items to donate please call the local free clothing closet at 830-HOPE, located in White City. Your support is greatly appreciated as students build their way to their dreams. For more information or to make a donation please contact Marsha Lee at 830-6602 or Ila Reimer, School District 9 Family Support Liaison, at 830-6276

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