Scouts gets first aid training to help them be prepared

Thanks to Mike Hussey of Fire District No. 3, there are a number of young men newly trained in first aid. Hussey put on a first aid seminar for Boy Scout Troop 48 the last two Thursday evenings.

The first week they concentrated on the ABC’s of first aid along with
how to treat sprains, strains and other injuries likely to happen while
hiking or camping. Hussey was teaching the boys to use what they might
be carrying with them on an outdoor event. They were taught to think
about what they might have in their backpacks or on their person that
could be used to improvise if they did not have what they really
They covered insect bites and poisonous plants along with burns and heat exhaustion.
second week was a bit more exciting. The boys were divided into groups
and put through a round robin event where they came across different
situations and had to treat the injury at hand. They had to get
creative and use what they had, some carried a first aid kit but for
the most part they had to make do with their own clothing or the few
bandages they had on them. As the young scouts went from victim to
victim they encountered stroke symptoms, frostbite, deep cuts,
dislocations and impalements.
They were directed to check
each area for safety before beginning treatment. The training was very
informative with great hands on activity, one that the boys learned a
great deal from and will remember.
By Kathy Sell
Of the Independent

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