Water, transportation, storm water fees up in Eagle Point

Eagle Point City Council approved new water, stormwater and transportation fees at the second reading of the ordinances Feb. 24.

The water increase is the rate increase to the city from the Medford Water District. The increase for water will be .06 cents per 1,000 gallons. The increase is effective Mar. 1.

The stormwater fee will increase from $5 a month to a $5 minimum rate monthly for each ESU (equivalent service unit) which is equivalent to the average single family dwelling. 

The residential transportation fee will increase from $3 to $6 a month through 2010. For non-residential, the rate will be 46 cents per average daily trip. Commercial rates will be based on the average number of daily trips to a business, based on a standardized document published by the Institute of Traffic Engineers.

Both the stormwater and the transportation fees will go into effect Mar. 24, 30 days after passage of the second reading.

Robert Miller, public works director, explained an opportunity Eagle Point has to receive some economic stimulus funds. The funds are for overlay projects with oversight by ODOT.

The county’s allocation is $2,943,632. Eagle Point had the option of accepting 94 percent of  $186,880 or taking $303,119 in federal funds. The federal process, overseen by ODOT, will be the same for all the cities.

After considerable discussion and questioning possible projects, it was decided Main Street from Royal to Platt could be resurfaced, have some work done on sidewalks and prepare for some future lighting by placing conduit. There was no estimate on time for the release of funds, but all cities are moving quickly with their “shovel ready” projects.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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