Blossom Flury-House

Blossom was born March 12, 1909, at Scotts Bar, CA. While she was born Susan Carolyn Head, her mother always call her "Blossom".

By the age of one her family moved to the Applegate area. She graduated from school in Jacksonville and went on to receive a teaching degree from Southern Oregon Normal, which is now Southern Oregon University, and then taught elementary school at Wagner Creek.


On March 12, 1928 she married Ted Flury and took up residence in the
Phoenix area. During their forty plus years of marriage they had many
adventures from living in a tar paper shack at Crater Lake, working at
the Blue Ledge Mine, owners of "The Spot" tavern in Medford, ranching
in Eagle Point and finally retiring in Shady Cove.

In 1974
Blossom lost her beloved Ted in a riverboat accident and remained
single for many years. In 1984 she reunited with her high school
sweetheart, Harold House, who became her second husband. She and Harold
had a good life together until 1994 when Harold passed away. Since the
loss of Harold he remained single, often telling her family that she
had two good husbands and didn’t think she would get three.

Flury-House was very active in the Eastern Star where she was a
lifetime member. She was always a strong supporter of local causes
including the Wildflower Association, Fire District #4 fundraising and
the Upper Rogue Community Center. She is also well remembered for her
love of digging for arrowheads and old bottles, panning for gold in the
Applegate River, picking berries and gardening.

Flury-House is survived by her son, Peter Flury; her grandchildren,
Craig Flury, Cameron Flury and Glenda Owens; seven great-grandchildren;
and one great-great-grandchild. She is also survived by a large
extended family and an abundance of graciousness. Even though she has
been taken from us at this time, we know we will see her again "down
the creek".

A memorial service for Blossom will be held at 12:00
pm Saturday, April 25, 2009 at Siskiyou Memorial Park in Medford. In
lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations be sent to Jackson
County Fire District #4, PO Box 1400, Shady Cove, OR 97539.

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