EP garbage rates to increase July 1

Springtime at the Eagle Point Museum is a beautiful sight thanks to the care of Helen Wolgamott

Springtime at the Eagle Point Museum is a beautiful sight thanks to the care of Helen Wolgamott

Waste collection fees will increase effective July 1, for Eagle Point customers served by Southern Oregon Sanitation. The rate increase comes as operating costs at the Dry Creek Landfill have increased and that increase gets passed along to its customers, such as Southern Oregon Sanitation and Rogue Disposal.

Basic residential rate will increase $1.60 a month.

At the same time, Southern Oregon Sanitation will pay an additional two percent franchise fee to Eagle Point. This will mean an additional $14,390 for the city’s General Fund.

It didn’t take the council long to approve an application for the most recent Cops Hiring Recovery Program grant (CHRP). The grant is for three years with the city required to keep the officer and start paying the person from city funds at that time.

The city of Eagle Point has been working on water rights for about nine years. This comes as the Medford Water Commission has advised all its users, which includes Eagle Point, that by a certain date in the not too distant future, they must supply their own water. Eagle Point has entered into an agreement with Medford irrigation District to purchase 10 cfs of water rights over a period of several years. The first part of that process involves 1.9 cfs.

What would cost the city of Eagle Point $696,000 in water right purchase will cost $181,296, according to Holly Cannon of Water Right Solutions.

Hank Rademacher, who has a business in downtown Eagle Point, addressed the council regarding his concerns about the activity of some students in the alley that goes behind the Judge Stewart House and the old library and other businesses. The disrespect shown by those who loiter there, especially before school and at lunchtime, the language, loud music and use of various drugs is of great concern, said Rademacher. He said he had talked to Allen Barber EPHS principal, Eagle Point Police Chief Dave Strand and will be talking with the school board. He is in hopes through a cooperative effort something can be done. Most agreed behavior problems start at the home.
By Nancy Leonard
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