New Oregon discount prescription card for all

Oregon residents now have an ally in the fight against rising healthcare costs. A new statewide discount prescription drug card program, called Oregon Rx Card, is now available.
Oregon Rx Card, which is free to all residents, will provide discounts on both brand and generic medications (average savings are estimated to be around 30%). There are no restrictions to membership, no income requirements, no age limit and no applications to fill out.
You can download a "FREE" card by visiting WWW.OREGONRXCARD.COM. Anyone not able to access the website, or otherwise obtain a member card, can visit any Safeway Pharmacy location in Oregon.  Simply ask the pharmacist to process your prescription through the Oregon Rx Card in order to receive a discount. Oregon Rx Card is accepted at over 50,000 national and regional pharmacies around the country.



The Oregon Rx Card Program was launched to help the uninsured and
underinsured citizens of Oregon afford their prescription medications.
the program can also be used by people who have health insurance
coverage with no prescription benefits, which is common in many health
savings accounts (HSA) and high deductible health plans.
people who have prescription coverage can use this program for
non-formulary or non-covered drugs. The Oregon Rx Card can also be used
by individuals who do not qualify for publicly funded programs such as
Medicaid and Medicare. "This program is going to be an important tool
to help the residents of Oregon offset rising health care costs,"
states Program Director, Andrew Stocks. "This program couldn’t have
come at a better time as the economy continues to leave more people
without jobs and benefits."
This card can be used by people
enrolled in Medicare Part D to get discounts on prescriptions while
they are in the gap period "Donut Hole".
The Oregon Rx Card
is a solution to the confusing maze of discount programs that have
appeared in recent years. Many of these programs only cover certain
drugs, charge fees, and some have membership restrictions such as age
and income requirements. The Oregon Rx Card provides the residents of
Oregon with a simple solution. The Oregon Rx Card has an "open
formulary" which means that all drugs are included, has "on the fly
enrollment" which means that no eligibility data is required to process
a prescription, and everyone is eligible to participate in the program.
Furthermore, the Oregon Rx Card will not share, sell, or distribute
personal information for any reason.
You can download a free
card and search drug pricing and participating pharmacies at
WWW.OREGONRXCARD.COM.  Associations, clinics, hospitals, chambers of
commerce, and membership organizations who would like to support this
initiative can call (877) 279-3424 to request cards to distribute.
The program is made possible through support of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

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