PremierWest gives big check to URCC

Bank gives money away.
No this is not a typo; yes this is a current news paper. At 2 p.m. on April 16, David Rayburn and Kathy Trautman of PremierWest Bank presented a check in the amount of $25,604.00 to the Upper Rogue Community Center. The check amount isn’t a typo either.


The donation will be applied to the Community Center’s Transportation
Program. The donation was made possible via the Oregon Department of
Energy’s Business Energy Tax Credit Pass-Through program.
what? Briefly – per the DOE’s website this program, "…let’s a project
owner transfer a tax credit to a pass-through partner in return for a
lump-sum cash payment upon completion of the project." In layman’s
terms, the program allows for-profit businesses to partner with
non-profit businesses, passing on their tax credit to the later. Bottom
line, it’s a win/win.
When Steve Hauck, executive director
for the Center heard about the Tax Credit Program, he perused the list
of businesses it would be possible to partner with. On that list was
PremierWest Bank. David Rayburn, branch manager of the Shady Cove
branch is also on the Board of the Community Center. Hauck figured this
might just be a partnership in the making. It was and today’s donation
was the result.
The big check will be a big help for the
Transportation Program which has been getting smaller. The
Transportation Program provides rides for seniors and disabled persons
in the Upper Rogue Communities. Live in Prospect and have shopping
needs or a doctor’s appointment in Medford? The Transportation Program
is your answer.
In the past, the program provided rides
five days a week (M-F), but with recent government cutbacks this has
dwindled to three days a week (W-F). With the big check Tuesdays will
be added back into the program on May 1. With luck and a continuation
of the Tax Credit program it is hoped that by January 2010 Mondays will
be back too. Wow, who’d have thought the return of Monday would be a
good thing?
For more information on the Community Center’s
Transportation Program, or any of their other programs, visit their
website: or call:
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent

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