SC Water changes rules, sits and judge and jury

Tuesday’s Shady Cove Water District meeting was an exercise in efficiency. From Roll call to adjournment, the meeting ran a sleek 18 minutes. Remarkably discussions and decisions can be made in that brief amount of time.

There were two key discussions in this “mini meeting”. First, Jim Collier reported that a check was sent to the P.O. Box made out to the Water District in the amount of $621.15. However, the check did not match up with any outstanding accounts. Mr. Collier will follow up by calling the phone number on the check before they deposit it.

Second, under new business fell a proposal for some additions to the District By-Laws.
Proposed changes included:

The Board shall consist of five member positions, each for a four year term. The five members, to fill those positions, shall be elected by the voters in the District according to the Oregon State Laws.

1. Qualifications.
a. He or she shall be a qualified elector.
b. He or she shall have resided within the district for an uninterrupted 24 months before submitting a petition for candidacy or appointment to the board.
c. He or she shall have paid all of the fees and charges imposed by the District at the time of the submission of the petition for candidacy or appointment to the Board.
d. He or she shall receive water service either from a private well located on the resident’s property, or receive water service, directly or indirectly, from the SCWD. The receipt of water service from any other source or any other water service constitutes a “conflict of interest” and precludes membership on the Board.
e. He or she shall take the oath as set out in Article 4 to qualify as a Board member.

2. The Board of the SCWD shall determine whether a potential member of the Board meets all of the stated qualifications and is the final judge of who qualifies to sit as a member on the Board.
3. The qualifications of appointive officers of the SCWD are whatever the Board prescribes or authorizes.
4. (this number shall include the present A through F parts of Article 4)”
During the discussion of these additions, Judy Shanrock asked if the proposed Oath could be reviewed. Collier advised that though the State of Oregon requires such an oath, the contents of same are not specified, so no sample was available.   
After a motion and second, the proposed additions were unanimously passed.

The final two New Business items, a Declaratory Judgement motion and a water contract with U.S. Corp. of Engineers were only briefly discussed as there are phone calls pending on both issues. Should the call from Portland regarding the Corp. of Engineers contract come in this week, a special Board Meeting will likely be called to follow up. One wonders if that meeting will last a mere 10 minutes!
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent

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