Upper Rogue art show results

Cathy Spires was the winner in the Watercolor class.
Cathy Spires was the winner in the Watercolor class.

Members of the Upper Rogue Artists Association have continuously demonstrated an increase in mastery of their chosen craft, despite increasing demands of the world around them.
Meeting in their 35th annual Critique Luncheon at the Red Lion in Medford on Apr. 1, the group displayed their best works since the 2008 luncheon.  Though the numbers were fewer than in previous years, the quality of the works continues to increase.

Several members attributed the smaller-than-usual turnout to the
economy.  This year there were 56 entries representing 53 artists, and
a surprising number of men displaying works for the first time. 
judge Roni Marsh, a last minute substitution, frequently commented on
the fine work dome by members and other exhibitors.  Marsh also judged
last year’s competition.  She cut short a work-related trip to the
Oregon Coast to help out with the luncheon. 
reminded participants that a work of art is "like a child of our own
and we have a tendency to overlook mistakes that others readily see."
So while the luncheon represents a competition, it is valuable to
participants as a learning experience.
Jolene Gibson
received the Best in Show award from Marsh for her abstract oil. 
Gibson’s bold-but whimsical creation triggers the imagination.  When
asked what is represented during the critique, Marsh said "It doesn’t
Several younger artists joined this year, and their
work is representative of a new generation of artists that will be
amazing people with their talents.  Anna Miller received a first place
for colored pencil, while Madagen Smith and Megan Evans, second and
third places, entered graphite drawings.  Marsh encouraged the
youngsters to make better use of light and dark areas in their work and
praised the talent of the three young ladies.
Among the
other winners there were some familiar names.  Janet Rawlins took top
honors in Original Pastel, followed by Cheryl Magellen and Leona
Haiker.  Rawlins’s pastel was of the interior of a log cabin
illuminated by light from a single window. 
Cathy Spires
was the winner in the Watercolor class with her illustration of a
saggy-jawed St. Bernard lying in the grass behind some tulips.  Spires
was followed by Roger Johnson and Debbie Elder in second and third.
For Original Oils, June Sheppard topped the field, followed by two entries by Charity Hubbard which placed second and third.
year’s Best-in-Show winner, Sheri Dinardi took a first and second place
in professional oils, followed by Carol Smith.  Dinardi’s oil of a
young lady back lighted with sunlight demonstrated a talent for using
available light to the best advantage.
June Sheppard’s entry
into the Graphite class earned her another first-place finish, followed
by Cathy Spires and Ginette Busch.  Busch’s work is a portrait of a
Eagle Point’s Bob Faulkner took top honors in Professional Pastel with his canyon country work alongside a stream.
Arnaud won first place in the Pen and Ink category with a dramatic
landscape and Valerie Coulman was tops in Colored Pencil.
Antonides bested Ruth Schubert and Garland Arnaud in the Mixed Media
category.  Linda Purdom was first in Digital Art followed by Valerie
In the final category, Acrylic Art, Ginette
Busch received the first place ribbon with her work of a Yosemite
Valley winter and Phyllis Lovett received second place for her painting
of a wedding couple.
With little doubt, the quality of work
represented at this show, is improving dramatically.  Several artists
have gotten their start with the Upper Rogue Artists.  Their group
meets monthly for a critique and frequently takes field trips for
By Ralph McKechnie
For the Independent

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