Vote for Butte Falls fire truck

Butte Falls Volunteer Fire Department and Chief Jeff Gorman are counting the hours until they learn if they are the winners of a new fire engine.

It’s all part of E-ONE’s annual contest wherein they conduct a letter writing contest asking departments to tell why they need new equipment.

Butte Falls is one of seven departments selected as a finalist out of more than 650 entries nationwide.

On April 24 at 12 n. PDT, Chief Gorman will be at B-ONE to learn the name of the winner.

Those who have not yet cast their vote for Butte Falls can do so until Apr. 24 at 10 a.m. PDT. Only one vote per e-mail address. Go to and follow the directions.
•The entry will ask your name
•It will ask your fire department (provide name and/or number of the fire department that serves you.
•It will ask when you expect to purchase new equipment ( you could answer not sure)
•It will ask what you plan on purchasing and gives you a choice, mark one of the choices.
•It will send an email back for confirmation and then you need to confirm your vote.

Butte Falls is still operating with a 1964 engine, which was new then, and a 1977 American LaFrance engine. They have trained in structure and wildland firefighting, had hazmat training, learned to use jaws of life, and have had water rescue training. One thing lacking is more modern equipment and through E-ONE, a major supplier to fire departments, they hope to win a major piece of equipment.

The Independent urges you to support this cause, today.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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