BF budget approved 6-1 after questions and concerns

The Butte Falls School District Budget Committee held their second budget meeting  April 27 and in just over one hour ended their work.
There were several concerns and questions raised by committee members.

John Huey was unable to attend but a letter written by him was
presented. The letter, as offered by Jack Sizemore, said Huey did not
see much that could be removed or improved in the budget other than the
section on administration. "I do not believe that we can afford to pay
for an assistant, part time administrator while limiting supplies,
salary and hour cuts for other employees. We have two teachers retiring
and the school board is planning to replace only one. I believe we are
in the business of teaching our children. With the $25,680 plus that is
at present in this year’s proposed budget, meant to fund a second part
time administrator, we could hire another teacher or use the money to
ease the pain in other areas. We have run the school in the past with
only one administrator and in these times of fiscal problems, I think
it would be prudent to go back to only one."
Chairman Stan Moore said it was not the responsibility of the budget
committee to deal with personnel issues. Board member Dennis Burg said
members could voice their opinion but it would be a board decision on
any personnel issue.
Questions included:

  • Dues and fees- Budget in 08-09 and not in 09-10. Supt. Sweeney said
    dues will be paid from other sources and not from the general fund.


  • Athletic travel not budgeted at the high school- Sweeney said that comes from gate receipts.


  • New items include tables, musical instruments, football helmets and sidewalk repair.


  • Decrease in propose and heating fuel purchase- Price has gone down, said Sweeney.


  • Technology-
    Mrs. Cogdill said there wasn’t enough money in the tech budget for
    contracts already approved. After discussion, the committee said even
    though an expenditure line might be lacking, there was enough money to
    cover expenses.


  • Special funds were also discussed.

committee recommended approval of the budget in the amount of
$2,824,077 with a tax rate of $4.5749 per $1,000 of assessed value. The
vote was 6-1 with Jack Sizemore voting no.

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