EP council approves new systems development charges

Only one person had any questions at the public hearing that increases system development charges (SDC) and those questions did not actually relate to the SDC hearing.
System development charges are for new construction and sometimes applicable for a major change in existing use.

The new SDC for water will be $2,370 per meter equivalent. It will increase $150 a year for five years.
The new SDC for transportation will also be $2,370 plus a $200 increase each of five years.
A new SDC fee will be for stormwater. It will be $1,360 plus $!50 a year increase each of the next five years.
funds are used for capital improvements. The rate change comes after an
indepth study over many months by John Ghilarducci of  of FCS Inc. to
look at long term needs and potential funding.
The city
will be participating with Jackson County to receive funds to do some
improvements on Main St. from Platt to Royal. Under the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act, stimulus dollars in the amount of
$303,000 should be available to resurface that portion of Main St.
The hearing on buildable lands was tabled until the next meeting.
the circus coming to Eagle Point on May 12,  the anticipated traffic
and lack of parking around city hall prompted a decision to move the
May 12 meeting to May 13. The buildable lands hearing will be scheduled
that evening.
City Administrator Dave Hussell reported on
the stream monitoring equipment that the Medford Water Commission will
be installing at Harnish Wayside. It will allow people to understand
the nature of the creek, its flow, and give visuals to help people
understand and see what cfs means, among other items.
complete list of summer day camp activities, information on the May 2
Vintage Faire and the May 25 Picnic in the Park at Harnish Park were
included for the council.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent 

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