One D9 race too close to call

Following are the unofficial results of the May 19 election. Final results are expected the first week of June. Normally, final results are not significant because they don’t usually make a difference in who is elected. However, the final count might make a difference in one election.
District 9 Board of Directors
Pos. 1- Charles Pomeroy    1,549    49.57%
Ted Dole    1,572    50.30%
Pos.2-    Jake Kleker    230    7.12%
Fred Thomas    994    30.76%
Brian Saling    718    22.22%
Jim Mannenbach    1,283    39.71%
Pos. 3-Scott Grissom    1,713    54.82%
Jonathan Bilden    1,396    44.67%
Pos. 5-Spencer Davenport    1,549     49.89%
Mark Bateman    1,550    49.92%

After all ballots are verified, if there is a seven vote or less difference remaining between Davenport and Bateman, there will be a recount. As of May 21, the difference between Bateman and Davenport gave Bateman two more votes than Davenport and Dole’s lead decreased to 20 votes. No more updates will be available until after the 10 challenge period ends May 29. There were some adjustments in other positions, but none that would change the outcome.

In other election results, Pat Ashley will continue on the RCC Board of Directors after receiving 65.53% of the votes over Al Solomon.

So. Oregon Education Service District had an election for several directors for its board. Representing the general Upper Rogue area is Zone 9. The candidates were Teresa Hulla and Doug McKinley, both former District 9 board members. Hulla was elected with 59.30% over McKinley’s 39.77%.

Butte Falls School District reelected Dan Murphy, Shone Ellis and Suzanne Macy.

All three Butte Falls amendments passed by a wide margin.

Prospect voters reelected Kevin Anderson, Dale Bliss and Kristi Stockebrand. Position 5 found William Pace and JJ Sloan seeking the seat. Pace received 66.23% of the vote.

Fire District #3 elected the three who were running for seats. They are Post. 2- Cynthia Hauser, Pos. 4- Colin Fagan and Post. 5- Lois Hawley Wilson.

Fire District #4 voters elected Rick Wythe in Position 2 and Linda Hughes in Position 3.

Lake Creek Fire filled two out of three of the vacancies by electing Carl Ricci and Tony Paxton. No one filed for Position 4 and it remains vacant.

Prospect Rural Fire asked voters to vote for three and they did, selecting Carl James, Robert Scott and Dick Mast.

Mike Parker, of Eagle Point, was reelected to the Rogue Valley Sewer Services Board of Director over Jerry Wisdom. Parker received 59.77% of the vote.

Shady Cove residents definitely showed they wanted to change the board of directors of the Shady Cove Water District as they elected an entirely new board by a margin or about 87%.

Results were: Eugene Reitz over Wayne Barnes, Roger Hays over Olin Shanrock, Phillip Keith over Dee Hawkins, Paula Trudeau over Judith Shanrock and Jeff Smith over Robert Hawkins.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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