SCWater signs storage contract

A special meeting of the Shady Cove Water District was called April 30 (lasted five minutes) for the signing of a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers for the storage of approximately one million gallons of water from Lost Creek Lake. It is anticipated that a similar contract will now be secured from the Oregon State Water Resources Department.

There were two motions in the meeting, first that the Water District accept the contract, second that President Dee Hawkins sign the contract. Both motions passed unanimously.

As for more details about the contract itself; per a memo from the Water District: “Shady Cove Water District has purchase requests for 620,000 gallons, with delivery set to begin no later than June 15, 2009, and sooner if possible. The additional water will be available for purchase by June 1, 2009. Delivery of the water is to be negotiated on all the individual contracts. The contract water cost will be reduced after the first year to reflect reduced water cost to the District at that time.”

Following the meeting the editor had a conversation with water district manager Jim Collier. He said there were 10 or 11 interested in the 620,000 (just shy of 2 acre feet ) of water. As noted above, delivery of water would be on individual contracts. They could obtain water by placing a pump in the river at their own expense. The water district would monitor use by placing a meter on the pump. If the people wanted that water for drinking purposes they would have to develop a treatment process for it.

Additionally, Collier said for those that don’t have direct access for water from the river, the district is in the process of arranging for truck delivery to a tank.

The price of water is an unknown quality until a contract is negotiated with Oregon Water Resources. The one million gallons of water storage from Lost Creek will cost $5,000 the first year and considerably less thereafter, said Collier. He said the money doesn’t have to be paid until 30 days after the contract is sign and that the money was not an issue.
By Christy Pitto and Nancy Leonard
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