$1 million reduction in Eagle Point budget

After a mid-year adjustment amounting to a 9.5% cut in the General Fund budget, Eagle Point Administrator told the budget committee last week "Impacts to the 09/10 budget year are even more dramatic reducing the General Fund by 18% ($585040) over the 08-09 adopted budget."

The reduction involves a reduction of six staff positions, along with a
decrease in expenses.  Anticipated new revenues will include charging
street and water systems a 5% franchise fee, a 5% sewer right-of-way
fee, which is the same type of fee imposed on private utilities.
is anticipating 30 new homes over the next 12 months along with some
continued commercial development. Providence Health System is expected
to occupy space in the Creek Side Center, as an example.
Some of the expense reductions include:

  • Elimination of the "pay or appear" court program. This will reduce the
    numbers appearing in court and mean court can be administered on a
    part-time basis. Those who do not pay their fines will be turned over
    to a collection agency.


  • There
    is no cost of living wage increase calculated into this budget year.
    The budget does not reflect any increase in the cost of health
    insurance and it eliminates the Asante Wellness Program.


  • Travel and training will be for trips necessary to maintain certifications or training where others cover costs.


  • Building inspector is half-time.


  • The city’s support of the crossing guard program has been discontinued, but the SRO at the high school will continue.


  • City administrative vehicle will be returned to the state, leaving one vehicle for staff use outside the police department.


  • Harnish and museum staff was reduced by reducing hours at both locations.

community will see plans and expenditures in some areas. Much of this
will come either through grants, stimulus program on through Systems
Development Charges (SDC). SDC funds are paid from development into
parks, as an example. That money can only be used for capital
improvement such as the purchase of land. The city has budgeted for
about 13 acres of future park land, including non-wetland and wetland
property, between Crystal Drive and Barton Road. In addition, SDC funds
will provide for the beginning park design on Lucas Park, near the golf
community and Glenwood subdivision.
Construction to
convert the old federal reservoir to add four million gallons of water
storage is planned for this summer. This is part of the long-term water
project improvement for the city.
Residents will see the
intersection of Main and Royal improved. This was previously approved
and construction should begin after July 4. Stimulus money will provide
an overlay on Main Street from Royal to Platt.
A new
software program, which was budgeted in the 08-09 fiscal year is
expected to improve efficiency and allow the public to pay bills
The city will continue to contribute $10,000 to
the Senior nutrition program to assist in funding the Food &
Friends home delivery of meals to senior citizens. The need in this
area continues to increase as the population ages.
A new
project this year will be an after-school program at Little Butte
School from 3-6 p.m. Hussell said this has been requested by the school
district and by parents for several years. He said it will be the only
parks program that will be an income producer.
As presented,
the total budget is $16,726,064. The 08-09 budget was $17,600,633. The
budget committee meets Tuesday, June 2 at 7 p.m.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent   

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