A Disappointed Student

I am a graduating senior at Eagle Pont High School and there are many things going on within the District that are disappointing, mainly dealing with the Principal at the High School and the Superintendent.

When Allen Barber first began at the high school, he earned a lot of support by stating that he was going to focus on academics, not athletics. However, he has yet to back this statement up with actions. We have recently had the Student of the Month Banquet held by the Lions Club, the Top 5% Assembly, and the Senior Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Allen Barber (as well as Cynda Rickert) did not attend any of these events, but did attend the sports assemblies held to honor the Athletes.

As far as the events themselves go, improvement needs to happen. The Top 5% Ceremony used to be held in the evening so all could attend. Awards also were given out (Bronze Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal, and the Eagle Statue). This is something special to honor the students who have shown their talent in the academic form. Last year and this year, awards were not given, only certificates. As a senior within the Top 5% for all four high school years, I looked forward to being recognized for my achievement. My principal was not even present and I received only a certificate that was not even signed by any one in the administration, it is just a piece of paper.

And the scholarship awards, I was hurt that it was held in the day time. I was notified that I was going to be presented with a scholarship but was informed that it was not in the evening like usual. Times are hard and the only reason I am going to college is because of scholarships, and both of my parents had to miss work to watch me walk across the stage and get my packet.

Disappointing does not even compare to the feeling I have that my principal will not attend something (or even sign a certificate) that recognizes the achievement acquired by my peers and I. Just recently in his letter in the Independent, he mentions academic achievement but then elaborates on quotes from athletic coaches and the value of teamwork within the athletic program. What kind of coach would let down his Student of the Month players? The Top 5% players? Or the players that are receiving scholarships to pursue their dreams?

I wish the best of luck to all future students at Eagle Point High School, especially those that achieve academic success, hopefully things will change for you, you deserve the recognition.
By Jennifer Phariss
White City

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