Bill raises fees, taxes for road construction

Governor Kulongoski has said he will sign the HB 2001 Jobs and Transportation Act. It passed both the House and Senate last week.

There are numerous details to the bill, but highlights that will directly affect the pocketbook include:

  • Six cent per gallon gas tax increase. This will be effective after two
    consecutive quarters of employment growth or by Jan. 1, 2011.


  • Increase car two-year registration fee- For most vehicles it will be increase from $54 to $86.


  • Increase in title fee- From $55 to $77.


  • Increase state ID cards- From $34.50 to $45.50; renewal from $10 to $40.50 and replacement increase from $10 to $39.50.


  • Increase in weight-mile taxes.


  • Driver’s license fees do not increase.

bill is designed to raise $300 million annually for transportation
projects. It is to provide cities and counties half of that money.
Speaker of the House Dave Hunt says it will provide 4,600 new jobs
sustained for a decade.
The bill passed the House 38-22.
The Senate vote was 24-6. Sen. Doug Whitsett (R-Distr. 28) was one of
the six voting against the measure.
    Some additional provisions of the bill include:

  • Adding $5.6 million to the current $4.5 million for bike-ped projects.


  • Urban trails fund


  • Codification of environmental rules


  • Increased funding for transit under bill SB 334.


  • Increase use of federal flex funds and for elderly/disabled transit.


  • Requiring greenhouse gas emissions planning in Metro region.


  • Incentives for electric vehicles.


  • A least cost planning model.


  • Pilot projects for congestion pricing and "pay as you drive" insurance.

By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent   

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