BLM begins marking Soda Mtn. Wilderness

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that it has begun to mark and establish the boundaries of the newly created Soda Mountain Wilderness.  Boundary markers will be installed at prominent access points and portions of seventeen roads will be barricaded.

The Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of March 2009 (Public Law
111-11) designated approximately 24,100 acres within the
Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (CSNM) as wilderness.
of the Soda Mountain Wilderness will change some of the traditional
uses and human activities will generally be restricted to
non-motorized/non-mechanized recreation, such as: backpacking, hunting,
fishing, and horseback riding, scientific research, and other
non-invasive activities.
"We understand this will be a
change for some people who have traditionally recreated in the
Monument, but people will still be able to use the new wilderness area
for hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and other wilderness appropriate
activities," said Mary Smelcer, BLM Associate District Manager.
are segments of roads that lead to popular designations, such as Pilot
Rock Trailhead, Boccard Point, and dispersed camping and hunting areas
that will be now closed at the wilderness boundary to prevent motorized
and mechanized access.  Private property inholders will retain
reasonable access to their property.  The BLM is currently working with
property owners to determine these access needs.   
designation includes specific management directions that will protect
and enhance wilderness characteristics.  The BLM will prepare a
wilderness management plan over the next two years that will guide
management of the area.  Public involvement opportunities will be
available during this planning process.
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