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Four years ago Adrian Garibay, his wife and children then ages five and three, moved to Eagle Point from San Diego. Garibay had a job lined up. Things were very promising for the young family. It even looked like Garibay’s wife would be a stay-at-home mom.

Garibay used to ride and race amateur motorcross in San Diego, so it
was only natural that he and some others would take a ride up John’s
Peak on their dirt bikes. Garibay had an encounter with some trash on
the road and flipped his bike. He went off a cliff hitting about every
tree on the way down.
"Thank God I was riding with my
friends. They called the paramedics and I was lifeflighted to RVMC,"
recall Garibay.  He learned later that his wife was told he might not
make it through the night. He had extensive injuries including a
severely broken jaw, arm, femur, ankle and spine. Several blood
tranfusions were needed.  "After I made it through several days, they
told my wife that I would never walk again. Then when I started
walking, they said I would never ride or run again. Today I ride
(cautiously). I am on a softball team and I am back to work."
Garibay was injured, the Eagle Point community helped his family when
they didn’t even know anyone. Now Garibay wants to reach out to the
community, which is why he started This is a
one-of-a-kind site that lets riders of any kind, of any skill or any
type bike communicate with others through a blog. There is information
on where to ride, where to get parts, or bikes and even find people to
ride with.
"If I hadn’t been with other riders, I would have
died. It is a small site right now but with other riders helping by
getting and blogging about your experiences, we can all become a close
knit riding community and watch out for each other. Give it a try.
Share with others.," urged Garibay.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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