Distr 9 sets athletic/activity academic requirements & fees

A draft of a 64-page School District 9 Secondary Coaches Handbook for D9 middle schools and high school was distributed to board members at the June 9 work session. Athletic Director Brian Winter highlighted a number of changes. The handbook is a result of work done earlier ths school year by Bruce Howell, who had been hired as a consultant to review athletic and activity policies and put more structure in place.

Major changes noted included:

  • Participation fee
  • Academic expectations

There will be no participation fee for middle school activities or athletics. The draft recommended a $40 athletic fee for the year and a $10 activity fee. This would be in addition to the $15 student card. The fees were approved later in the evening during the regular board of directors meeting.

Students must have passed at least five classes the semester proceeding the athletic season and be enrolled and passing at least five classes in the current grading period. Winter said this could mean a student could have five Ds and two Fs and be eligible. He said Eagle Point has not had a grade point in place. Eagle Point will stay with OSAA minimum standards for the coming year. All students who are deficient are advised of summer school. And, Winter noted a line in the draft report regarding academics that said, “Administration has the right to review credits earned to ensure that students participating in athletics are meeting the current District #9 academic standards.”

Winter said there is no separate activities handbook at this time. He said many of the items in the athletic handbook will apply to activities but that process has not been put into a separate handbook form.

One other item during the work session concerned a request from Club West Wrestling. They would like to build a room at White Mountain Middle School. They say they have $60,000 for a 20 x 40 room. The discussion is on-going between Club West and the D9 business department.

The regular board meeting included approval of Sodexo as the food service provider for the coming school year. This process had been tabled from the previous meeting to allow more information from Chartwell, the current provider, and Sodexo. Sodexo has said they will guarantee a return to the district of $150,000 in their first year and spend $75,000 to upgrade equipment and sites.

Tina Mondale reported all schools showed improvement in reading and math but science was down.

Budget meetings will be held June 17 and Thursday, June 18 at 5 p.m. in the board room with the public hearing on June 30. These meetings are open to the public.

Supt. Cynda Rickert handed out plaques of appreciation to Spencer Davenport, Theresa Erickson and Jonathan Bilden. The June meeting was the  last regular board meeting for Erickson and Bilden although they will be participating through budgeting and all board decisions through June 30.  Davenport had resigned earlier in the year.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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