EP businesses have until June 30 to question TUF

The Eagle Point City Council was greeted by a full house at their June 9 meeting. This is a rare event in Eagle Point and one that usually only happens when the checkbook is about to be hit more than anticipated.     

The topic of interest last week was the increase for businesses in the TUF or transportation utility fee. A number of businesses were represented in the audience. Some had anticipated speaking when the item appeared on the agenda. The resolution was to authorize commercial businesses who appeal the new rates for the TUF to temporarily deviate from conforming with the billing cycle on the water bill. The resolution passed unanimously. Terry Christiansen and Rick Tree were absent.

City Administrator Dave Hussell explained the resolution would allow the city to work with businesses and look at the rates. In the meantime, in order to avoid having the water turned off, businesses need to pay their water bill plus the old TUF fee with the same deadlines as currently exist.

A letter was being sent from Melissa Owens, Eagle Point finance officer, to commercial customers. In it she says: “The TUF is now based on Average Daily Trips (ADT) which is taken from the Trip Generation Manual published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  In the past TUF was based strictly on square footage without regard to traffic that was generated. Now, the TUF is calculated individually and is based on the business type and in most cases the square footage of the buildings. This is meant to be a more equitable fee based on actual or potential traffic generated.”

Businesses with questions are asked to provide a written request asking that the TUF being reviewed should include business type and square footage.  If after the city reviews the calculations, the business still disagrees with the determination, the city will provide a challenge process.

Businesses must make their request for review in writing by June 30.

Effective June 29 the Eagle Point city offices including the police department will be closed from 12-1 p.m. This is one of the changes due to a decrease in staffing as a result of the economic conditions. Utility and court accounts can now be viewed and paid online. Utility bill can be emailed or they can be paid directly out of a checking or savings account. For information on these new features, contact Melissa Owens at 826-4212 Ext. 104.

Sherry Bailey, Parks & Recreation, presented a recommendation to change scholarships for the recreation program. A maximum yearly scholarship not to exceed $65 annually will be awarded one per person. For Jr. Eagles and Summer Daycamp, scholarships of 50 percent will be awarded and for the upcoming Afterschool Program, scholarships of 25 percent will be awarded.

A one year extension for administratively approved site plans was approved.
In other action, authorization was given for the city to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Medford Water Commission for information displays at Harnish Park.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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