EP hears concerns over new TUF fee

The revised commercial rate structure for the Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) in Eagle Point brought representatives of three businesses to the council to express their concern.

Randy Sell of Valley Feed & Pet Supply lead the discussion. He said he had talked with City Administrator Dave Hussell about his concerns, had talked to numerous businesses and was now following the recommended process by addressing the city council.

Sell asked the council to review, possibly repeal the increase until a fair fee can be agreed upon in a manner that would be better for each business.  He said the new charge would be three times what his previous monthly bill was.

Hussell said the city has found some issues and is taking a look at how it was implemented. They are going to look at how a business was categorized and the trip generation. The new TUF is based on the type of business as well as a nationwide anticipated number of daily trips to that business.

Michelle Earl, Little Butte Market, said based on the way the billing they received, they are classified as a convenience market with 42 cars an hour doing business with them. “I wish,” said Earl.

The issue was not on the agenda so no decision could be made but Hussell said for now he is telling businesses to pay the old TUF fee. “Don’t ignore paying your utility bill, just pay the old TUF  for now.” he cautioned. 

The issue will be on the June 9 council agenda.

Robert Miller, Sherry Bailey and Wyn Lewis gave a presentation on the skateboard park that they will give in Bend in mid-June as they seek a grant to complete the project.

A resolution was passed granting a temporary noise deviation from the city code on unnecessary noise as ODOT will be repaving Highway 62 to Linn Road.  This is stimulus money that ODOT will use to work on the highway from Poplar Drive to Linn Road and on a section of Hwy. 140.

Although no specific dates or times were provided by ODOT, they expect the project will probably be in mid June and be done at night.
Other resolutions approved were:

  • authorization for staff to self-certify city owned property for ADA.
  • declaring June 1-14 as “Mayor’s United Helping Feed Our Community.”
  • declaring Eagle Point as a 2010 census partner.
  • updating costs for new water meter installation.
  • authorizing contract with Southern Oregon Credit for collection services.

By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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