EP Women's Club knitters help shear 52 Alpacas

Eagle Point women spend full day assisting with Alpaca shearing.
Eagle Point women spend full day assisting with Alpaca shearing.

Several members of the Eagle Point Women’s Club (and one husband) braved the unknown recently by volunteering to assist with the shearing of 52 alpacas at Alpacas at Lone Ranch. The women quickly learned that alpacas don’t cherish the procedure and that it was wise to stay clear from the head of the animals as spitting might occur. And it did. Maxine Williams, past president of the club, learned about it firsthand. Luckily, she had some experience with llamas and handled the situation well.

The day started at 8 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m., with a half hour for
lunch. Members enjoyed the physical aspect of the event: bending,
scooping, stretching, sweeping, vacuuming, walking back and forth
taking 156 bags of fiber to the porch. A total of 325 lbs of fiber were
harvested. In charge of weighing the fleece bags was Shady Cove
resident Sybil Maddox who has performed this job enthusiastically for
four years.
The volunteers remained cheerful to the bitter
end and were unanimous in expressing their delight in having
participated in this once a year event. All of them also belong to the
knitting group organized by Renate Gyuro, who with husband Richard
operates Alpacas at Lone Ranch. Most of the fleeces will be
commercially spun into yarn and the knitters are looking forward to
seeing their favorite fleeces return as the softest yarn imaginable.
For more information, contact Renate Gyuro at 826-7411.

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