Hispanics victim of fake diamond scam

On May 28, the Medford`Police Department received a report that a 30-year-old Hispanic female Eagle Point resident had been approached just outside the Rogue Valley Mall by a Hispanic male adult.  He displayed two "diamonds" and indicated that he wanted to sell them in order to raise money to pay medical bills for his wife, who had been injured in an auto accident.


While the victim was speaking with the suspect, a Hispanic female adult
was walking by and the male suspect displayed the "diamonds" to her as
well.  This female said she knew an employee in a mall jewelry store
and would take the gems inside and get them appraised.  Upon returning
back to the victim and male suspect, the second Hispanic female said
the gems were worth more than the male was asking and she then bought
one from him.  The original victim then made arrangements to purchase
the other "diamond" from the suspect and eventually obtained a large
sum of cash and paid the suspect.  The victim later determined that the
diamond was in fact a fake and she was the victim of theft.  She then
reported the incident to police.
is the third incident in the past month in which victims have been
targeted by this scam.  This scam appears to be targeting the local
Hispanic community and all have been perpetrated by Hispanic suspects. 
All the scams are similar in that they revolve around an individual
that needs to raise money quickly to pay for a relative’s medical
expenses and necessitates the sale of gem stones.  Often times, a
second suspect is introduced into the scam by "chance" and furthers the
crime by appearing to be a neutral third party.
The police
department has investigated similar crimes in the past several years. 
In times past, it appears the suspects are traveling through the area
perpetrating crimes on local victims. The suspects may be operating an
unknown color Honda Element.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Medford Police Department at 541-770-4784.

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