Tall grass and unkept areas, a problem around town

The grass in this unimproved lot near the gof course grows tall right up to the house and fences next door.
The grass in this unimproved lot near the gof course grows tall right up to the house and fences next door.

Tall weeds in and near Eagle Point are a problem; a problem not just for the neighbors, but a problem for the City of Eagle Point.
There are regulations on  Weeds and Excessive Vegetation. But it seems some property owners are ignoring them.

The current ordinance says it is unlawful to have weeds in excess of 10
inches. These must be cut or destroyed by May 15 and be kept down
through the end of September.
Those who do not choose to
obey the city ordinance will receive notice in writing, either in
person or by registered or certified mail and have 72 hours after
receipt of the notice to conform to the regulation. If the responsible
party chooses to ignore the warning, the city will see that the hazard
is removed and the cost will become a lien upon the property.
Administrator Dave Hussell said the police department has an officer
visiting each site or contacting responsible people for the various
weed-filled areas. He indicated significant problems with property
owned by Chris Galpin in and around the Eagle Point Golf Community and
with property owned by Gary Whittle.
Property owners could be responsible financially should a fire occur as a result of the weeds not being taken care of.
to the start of fire season, there have been two fires in Eagle Point
designated as grass fires. However, Fire District No. 3 (which covers
Eagle Point) has answered one natural vegetation fire, one wildland
fire, five brush or brush and grass mixture fires in the Eagle Point
The city is preparing a revised, updated weed and
excessive vegetation ordinance which will be presented to the city
council at their first meeting in July. The proposed ordinance will
continue to make it unlawful to have weeds over 10 inches in height on
properties of less than one acre in size. The date for removal is
changed to read "prior to 1st of June each year."  Another change in
the ordinance will allow five days (120 hours) for removal after
notification instead of the current 72 hours. Additionally, if
"abatement is not completed within the mandated period of time,
penalties can include fines up to $500  per day plus the cost of
abatement by the city."
This proposed ordinance will also
deal with properties greater than one acre (non platted lots). It
pertains to abating hazards within 30 feet from any structure on an
adjacent urbanized parcel. In other words, there must be a 30 ft.
clearance between a field of weeds and a structure of any kind,
including fences. Additionally, there must be a 15 ft. fire break
around the entire perimeter of a parcel not adjacent to a structure.
That break must have vegetation less than 10 inches in height. And
"thin ladder fuels" must be removed from under trees, low branches must
be removed from trees and shrubs to prevent ground fires from moving
into the crown of trees.
The proposed revision to the weed ordinance is currently expected to be heard July 14 at 7 p.m. by the Eagle Point City council.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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