Eagle Point buys corner lot with park SDC funds

An amendment to the recently approved  Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) was approved with the second reading at the July 14 Eagle Point City Council meeting.

A summary explanation of the revised fee allows a revision for non-residential vacant parcels and for businesses that do not fall under a clear category or use in the Trip Generation Manual. On those occasions, the city should pay the cost for actual trip counts of the business.

A business may appeal a rate. If resources are available, the city could offer to do a trip count in lieu of a business having to hire an engineered count study.

The city made an offer to purchase the lot at the corner of Main and Royal Ave. From Gary and Kendra West at a cost of $79,000. The offer was accepted by the Wests and by the council. The transaction is schedulecd  to close July 27. Funds come from the Parks System Development Charges. Those funds, previously paid by developers, can only be used for capital improvements. The city wants to turn the property into a small park area as a cornerstone for downtown improvement.

Other items receiving approval on the July 14 agenda included:
• Renewal of the engineering services agreement with Hardy Engineering for 18 months.
• Purchase of a small piece of land from Ed Dahack as part of the Main and Royal Ave. improvement project.
• Approval for Gary Stevens Painting to paint the Main Street bridge rail for a cost of $4,500.
• Approval for Surface Transportation Funds (STP) in the amount of $211,500 for the Main and Royal Ave. Project. The contract for Johnny Cat, Inc. is for $217,363.05, which is below engineers estimate.
• Approval to reimburse Pacific Crest Properties for water oversizing from 8″ to 12″ pipe on Sienna Hills Phase III and engineering and surveying for the 12″ waterline extension. The price agreed on after discussion was $1,632.25.

Justin Botillier made a presentation to the council during the public comment portion of the agenda regarding audio playback opportunity of the council meetings via a website he is developing.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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