Excavation at EP intersection uncovers bit of history

{gallery}07_28_09/marker{/gallery}For a day or so last week Eagle Point found itself with more bridges than they it what to do with. Johnny Cat hadn’t been on the job breaking up the intersection at Main and Royal for more than a few hours when they encountered their first dilemma–at least a significant portion of a bridge was found under the intersection. They went down eight feet while our photographer was there and hadn’t reached the bottom of the structure.

The structure is located 32 ft. from the existing Perry Bridge (Main St. Bridge). A surveyor’s marker was found embedded in the abutment dated 1934.

The Perry Bridge is dated 1947, but that was not the date it was actually constructed although a quick bit of research failed to find that date.

There was discussion between various government agencies regarding the marker and who would have rightful ownership of it. Certainly the city wanted it to place it in the Eagle Point Museum. Surveyors and county officials had an interest. Officials came to the site from the county to look at the surveyor’s marker. And then something happened. One of the construction crew apparently decided to be Mr. Clean and the marker was scraped- scraped off that is. Despite a search by several on their hands and knees, the mark disappeared. The Independent probably has the only photo proving there was a 1934 marker on the bridge.

According to Rob Miller, public works director, it was determined the top 12 or 18 inches will be cut off and the rest of the structure will be left as is. Perhaps in another 50 years when the area is once again changed, someone will find the remains of the remains of the buried bridge.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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