Ways to buy at Jackson Co. Fair 4-H/FFA auction

Wednesday night, July 22 and Saturday night, July 25,  are two of the most importantnights of the year for 4-H and FFA members who raise livestock. Those are auction nights and a time when their efforts for the past months pay off.

Wednesday evening is the swine and poultry auction. It begins at 7:30 with a BBQ preceding it.

The beef and goat auction is Saturday. It also begins at 7:30 and also features a buyer’s BBQ before the auction.

The Jackson County Fair is known throughout the western United States as one of the best events and the second largest 4-H and FFA auction on the west coast. Last year some $950,000 was raised, thanks to very supportive buyers.

Whether the economy affects the auctions remains to be seen. The students will be depending on the community and businesses to continue their fine support. There are two ways to bid.

For those who will be in the grandstand and want the market animal to end up in their freezer,  bidding is pretty straight forward. Just get a paddle and raise your hand every time somebody bids against you until the price goes really high and you’ve purchased the animal. Well, that may be a bit of an overdo, but you will be bidding on a per pound price.

Those who are in the stands who simply want to support a 4-H or FFA member, can participate in what is called the buy-back program. A few days before the Fair, commercial bidders set a buy-back price. This is generally market price. You, as a bidder, pay only the difference between the buy-back price and the price you are bidding. As an example, if the buy-back price is $1.75 and you bid $3, you pay $1.25 lb.

Those wanting to participate in the buy back or who want to spend a certain amount of money but will not be present are asked to call Ron Anderson at 826-3109 or Stan Deupree at 826-6620. They can answer your questions and assist you in the bidding and  purchasing process.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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