Burnout benefits EP boy

The 2nd annual Burn Out in the bar, sponsored by Touvelle Tavern is Sept. 12. Registration is at 1 a.m. with events beginning at noon.
All proceeds will be donated to Jackson County Foster Parent Association and the Ethan Jostad Cancer Fund.
There will be live music, pries, 50/50 raffle and a silent auction.
Seven-year-old Ethan Jostad was back at Dorenbecher’s. At this writing on Sunday, Aug. 23. Support for this little guy is certainly needed.  He first had symptoms July 20. Since that time he has been diagnosed with a very rare cancer (see Aug. 18 Independent.) He spent two or three weeks at Doernbechers, came back home for only a brief time before arrangements were made to fly him and his mother back to Portland.  His father and the other two children followed by car. 
Contributions may be made to www.paypal.com, click on Send Money under the Home tool bar.

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