Duck race Sept. 6 on Shady Cove

Sunday, Sept. 6, is a time to be “down by the riverside” in Shady Cove to watch the 10th annual Duck Race from noon to 4 p.m. The starting point is at the regional park, just off Hwy. 62 on Rogue River Drive.

Participants adopt a duck for $5. If your duck crosses the finish line first, you win a prize. As soon as ducks fill a basket they are turned loose to float downstream to the barricade and prizes are awarded. Soon thereafter another basket of ducks will be let go. There may be prizes for several places. Ducks can be adopted at the event or at the Community Center in Shady Cove up to Sept. 4. For more information, call 878-2702.

The prizes are numerous as the entire area gets behind the fund raiser for the Upper Rogue Community Center.  Prizes include gift certificates from $5 to $100 and include everything from lunch to pizza, flowers, groceries, haircuts to computer work and lots and lots more.

For more information, call 878-2702.

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