Eagle Point to hold afterschool program at Little Butte

Those who attend meetings such as city council meetings often say it is the short, seemingly ‘plain Jane’ agenda that turns out to be anything but that. And that could probably be said about last week’s Eagle Point City Council agenda and meeting.

Two items were approved quickly. They were the resolution on policies and fees for the new Eagle Point Afterschool Program and the resolution to retrofit the old 4 million gallon reservoir.

Ward-Henshaw Construction from Canby was awarded the bid. There were nine bidders. The first three lowest bids were non-responsive.  Ward-Henshaw’s bid was for $2,567,119.50. The engineer’s estimate was $2,727,714. Funds are in the Water Capital Fund for the project.

The Afterschool program is being done in cooperation with School District 9. It will be held at Little Butte School and will run the same days school is in session. It is for students who will be in grades K-5. The school district has coordinated bus schedules to allow students to be transported from Eagle Rock Elementary to Little Butte. The program will run from 3-6 p.m. every school day except Wednesday when it will run from 1:40 to 6 p.m. The cost for Eagle Point city residents will be $125 a month. For those outside the city limits, the fee will be $135. There will be an USDA approved snack.

The program will be limited to 40 students. Registration and reservations are now being taken. Call 826-4212, Ext. 113. There will be an open house on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Little Butte School Cafeteria.

Other issues on the agenda were not quite so readily resolved. The conceptual design for Little Butte Creek Park was presented by Greg Covey, of Covey-Pardee Architects. This park is across the creek from the Butte Creek Mill. Covey showed several concepts that had been considered before showing council members the one based on their last input, which was nearly a year ago. After considerable discussion regarding the access road, children’s play area and parking, it was apparent the council had changed its mind on some aspects of the design.   Covey asked for a written prioritized list of council changes and expectations. City Administrator Dave Hussell said he and the staff would work with Covey and perhaps put together a council work session.

The other item on the agenda were revisions to the weed ordinance.

A resident on Robert Trent Jones Blvd. expressed her concern about tall weeds on the hillside above her and that the ordinance only requires a 30 ft. swath between a property owner’s fence and the tall weeds. She said she was extremely concern about fire danger.

Police Chief Dave Strand, who spent 22 years on urban interface fires, said the ordinance revisions were adapted from those in force in Ashland where there is concern for their hillsides and watershed. He said three foot wide areas are used in fighting fires. Strand explained that fire goes up, which means it goes uphill and also goes up the tall brush whereas the low cut 30 ft. swath will see fire smolder.

Hussell said no place requires acreage to be cut down and Fire District No. 3 says a 30 ft. swath is adequate.

The council approved the changes in the ordinance. Changes to the original ordinance include:
• Weeds must not be over 10 in . in height on properties with final plats less than one acre in size.
• The effective date will be June 1, instead of May 15.
•A person has 120 hrs (five days) to cut the weeds or grass after being notice is given. The old ordinance only allowed 72 hours.
• Penalties can be up to $500 plus cost of abatement by the city. Previously there was no cost, but a lien was placed on the property.

The council approved the revised ordinance.

Also discussed, but not on the agenda, were options on the sidewalk on either side of Main St. near the intersection now being reconstructed. The council agreed to extend the sidewalk on the north side of Main to the Main Event Sports Bar. The sidewalk is the responsibility of the property owner. And on the other side, the city will be required to pay for the Main St. sidewalk around their newly acquired property at Main and Royal. The issue will be brought back for formal approval at the next council meeting.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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