Little Butte Watershed featuring Lansburgh Ranch project

A watershed project that began over four years ago and that intensified over the last couple of years will be  showcased for the public Saturday, Aug. 22 at the Lansburgh Ranch, 1658 Brownsboro Highway, from 10-2 p.m.

Little Butte Watershed has done nearly a half-mile strip, 40 ft. wide along the banks of Little Butte Creek to stabilize the soil and help with the fish habitat.

Blackberry bushes have been removed, new fences have been built and a variety of trees and native plants have been established.

Tim Weaver, Tom Dover and other watershed members, along with representatives of groups such as the Middle Rogue Steelheaders , Skills USA and Boy Scout Troop 48 have been involved in the project to improve the riparian area.

Following the tour, there will be a BBQ and presentation of an award to Mrs. Lansburgh. For more information, call Tim Weaver at (541) 646-1684.

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