Prospect Charter School projected enrollment exceeds goal

The projected enrollment in the Prospect Charter School is 205 as of early last week. The goal, according to Supt. Don Alexander, has been 200. “We are very pleased,” said Alexander.

Another item that pleased Alexander and the board of directors was the report that Prospect met AYP for the 4th year in a row.

The district board passed a policy on eligibility which says a student must have a C average and pass six out of seven classes. If a student does not meet the eligibility requirement, Friday school with tutoring will be an option.

The board adopted a supplemental budget in the amount of $12,000. This is a result of the county indicating permits for the shop building could run as high as $11,600. The district continues to wait for the permits from the county. They had hoped to have the shop building ready for the start of school.

Alexander said Prospect has three or four boys interested in wrestling. The board asked Alexander to see if another nearby school would co-op with Prospect on a program. He said he will be talking to Eagle Point to see if something can be worked out to benefit the students.

Christy Stockebrand submitted her resignation from the school board due to the increased requirement of her job. The board reluctantly accepted her resignation.

Wayne Gallagher will be seeking his doctorate and will be participating in a three-year program through the University of Phoenix. It will require several practicums in Colorado. The board agreed to pay 80 percent (up to $6,000 a year) of the tuition cost.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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