Prospect “Going with the Flo”

“Going with the Flo” is a very appropriate theme for the 59th Prospect Jamboree & Timber Carnival since Flo (Ridge) Wright is the Grand Marshal. She was born July 30, 1933 in Orange, California to Robert and Mildred Ridge.

Flo met Marvin Wright in 1954. They both worked at Ben Warner Garage in Santa Ana. Marvin hounded her several times, asking her on a date. She always said no, until finally she gave in and said yes. They dated for four years, and were married in 1958. They had a son, Robert, (affectionately known as Bub) in 1959.

In 1962, Marvin came home from work and told Flo he did not want to raise Bub in Southern CA. If he could, he would sell everything in the house (except for Bub’s room) for $1,000 and move immediately. A friend of theirs heard this, and the next day arrived with the money in his hand. Flo and Marvin quickly packed and moved that day to Oregon. Flo remembers driving over the Siskiyou summit during the famous Columbus Day Storm wondering just where in the world was Marvin taking her?

They settled on Coker Butte Rd in Medford. Marvin was in the trucking business at that time. Soon he gave that up for timber falling and bought a place in Eagle Point. After too many scary trips in the crummy, they packed up and moved to Woodruff Meadows in a travel trailer to be close to Marvin’s work in the woods. Not long after that, they moved to Skeeters Camp into one of the little cabins, eventually moving into the bigger house.

In the late 1960s, they moved to Garden Valley, Idaho. In August 1969 Marvin suffered a heart attack and they moved back to Prospect in February 1970. They have been Prospect community members ever since.

Flo has worked at Beckie’s, the Pizza Parlor and at the Prospect Hotel for 18 years. She currently is working at Wal Mart in Eagle Point.
Her son, Bub, married the former Brenda Artmire and they have two children, Krissandra and Raymond. Flo talked very affectionately of her family and they are the most precious thing in her life. In her spare time, Flo enjoys baking, gardening, playing cards and bunko.

When talking about our community, Flo loves that “Prospect stays the same, only the people change.”
(Information for this article is from the program for the annual event.)


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