Providence Medical Center to open in Eagle Point

Patients of Providence Medical Center in Shady Cove have received a letter advising them that Providence will be moving the Shady Cove facility to Eagle Point. The clinic expects to be relocated in November at the corner of Shasta Ave. and Highway 62, in the center with State Farm Insurance and Windermere.

Dr. Leonard Wilk, who recently joined the Shady Cove Clinic, and Carla Morey, P.A.-C. , along with the rest of the staff, will be with the Eagle Point clinic.

“I have mixed feelings,” said Morey. She has been with Providence in  Shady Cove since it opened 15 years ago. Morey and her husband are Shady Cove residents. Both are active members of the community. Morey was a Girl Scout leader when her children were younger. “But this will be a new facility and I expect it to be more efficient.”

A group of doctors, hospital board members, staff and community leaders considered a number of options before making a decision to move. They evaluated the current location and structure, the need to expand, the availability of space and cost in Shady Cove as well as the water situation. They looked at building in Eagle Point, which like Shady Cove, would not pencil out and then found the building in Eagle Point, which was available for lease and where they could potentially expand if more space becomes available.

While all those factors were considered, one of the greatest concerns was their patients, especially the elderly who may not be able to drive. They talked with Upper Rogue Community Center and learned for an annual $10 membership, one of the center’s vans can pick up patients in the Shady Cove area and take them to the Eagle Point facility and even to the pharmacy for $4 round trip.

The Eagle Point clinic will have five patient rooms. It will allow the nurses to be more centralized. They will continue to have a coumadin clinic and to do lab work.

In his letter to patients, Gregg Florentin, Providence Medical Group Chief Operating Officer, said invitations will be sent out in October for an open house for the new Eagle Point clinic. “If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement, please call me at 541-732-7783,” said Florentin.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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