Shady Cove teen “Cool Club” opens Aug. 14

What’s in a name? Whether you know it as the “Teen Center”, the “Cool Club” or the “Youth Center” – “it” will soon be open and the youth of Shady Cove will have a great place to hang out.

The center will open Friday, Aug. 14 at 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to visit – but the free pizza and soda is for kids only.

There will be a six-week “trail period” when kids can “try on” the club for free. The pizza party will be every Friday night for that period. After the trial period membership will be a  $40 per youth,  per year (note: “youth” = kids age 11 to 18 years).

During the trial period the center will be open Mondays and Wednesdays 1–4 p..m and Fridays from 4 –8 p.m. But wait – there’s more: in the fall the Center will become a part of the Boys and Girls Club of the Rogue Valley.

Why the fall? The center will cost $80,000 per year to run. Currently the BGRVC is holding fund raisers to get this amount; they anticipate the goal will be met by Sept. Once the center is officially a BGR Center it will be open five days a week year round – including “no school” days (i.e. teacher conference days) & most holidays.

During the city council meeting two citizens contributed toward that $80,000 goal. Fire Chief Bob Miller donated $80 (with the codicil that Mayor Holthusen will have him over for prime rib dinner!) and a few minutes later Steve Rich , the city attorney, also handed over a check for $40. That’s three kids paid for in just one night. Previously Councilor Bradburn spearheaded a campaign to which the councilors each contributed .

There is a big BGRVC fund raiser on Sept. 11 at the West 281 Ranch in White City. The price is $60 for all you can eat BBQ. Details will be put on the city website – a reminder, if you attend please note “Shady Cove” in the Memo section of your check so the monies will go to the SC Center specifically.

Carrie Beebe of the BGRVC gave a presentation on the Boy’s and Girl’s Club at Thursday’s city council study session. She noted that at the BGC Fun is #1 with safety so close as to be a tie. She gave an overview of the five main programs the BGC offers: Character & Leadership, Education & Career, Health and Life Skills, Arts and Sports, Fitness, Recreation.

Sounds like the Center could be called the “Giving the Youth a Great Start in Life Center” – but that’s not as catchy as the “Cool Club”. So, stop by the Center Friday, don’t forget your checkbook,  and  learn more about the BGRVC visit their website:
By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent

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