Combined effort refurbishes Little Butte mural

{gallery}09_29_09/mural{/gallery}Fifteen years ago Vince Marlia’s fifth grade class decided that the mural on front of Little Butte School was looking old and tattered.  They wanted to do something to make the front of their school look more attractive.  Marlia asked Teri and Sharon Schauffler if they would have time to paint a new mural for the school. All of Marlia’s fifth grade students were involved in painting the mural with the help of Teri and Sharon. 

As we all know, time flies by and the mural painted 15 years ago began to show the effects of age and time.  So, 5th grade Vince Marlia contacted Teri and Sharon Schauffler to see if they would once again like to repaint the mural for the front of Little Butte. They both said that they would be honored to help out.

Marlia donated money from his Teacher of the Year award from Wal-Mart to buy the paint.  Then Teri and Sharon began the task of painting the bridge and surrounding area on boards in Marlia’s room.  They donated countless hours during the month of July and August to bring the mural back to life.  They even added a few different touches to the mural this time around. It is a beautiful tribute to our community.

The entire staff and students of Little Butte School would like to thank these community members for taking the time to make their school look unique and special.  A special thanks to Marlia and to Wal-Mart for making the funding possible.

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