Eagle Point man gets special birthday surprise

{gallery}09_08_09/fred/{/gallery} Eagle Point resident Martha Youngblood wanted to give her husband, Fred, a special birthday present. And to that end she decided she would give him something he had never done and that was to visit alpacas. So, on the appointed day, the two of them visited the alpacas at Alpacas at Lone Ranch outside Eagle Point.

Less than 30 minutes into their visit, and in the middle of the “Alpaca1012″ presentation (which tells everything you’ve always wanted to know about Alpacas), it was obvious to ranchers Richard and Renate Gyuro that one of the females was about to give birth. It took only a little encouragement, and within a very short time, Alpaca Cria (baby) #11 for the season, was on the ground.

After the traditional “getting to know you” period during which the other alpacas enthusiastically greet new arrivals, the new mom and baby boy were taken into an isolated shelter to give time to bond. This allowed the ranchers and visitors opportunity to observe and enjoy mother and baby.

Fred’s birthday celebration continued with naming the little one “Frederico,” (Fred for short) and watching little Fred as he tried to figure out how to use his long legs.

“We welcome visitors to the ranch,” said Renate, “but we can’t promise this much excitement every time.” To schedule a visit, call 826-7411.

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