Eagle Point resident, Joan Jensen, to be honored as a Peacemaker

{gallery}09_08_09/joan{/gallery}Eagle Point resident, Joan Jensen, to be honored as a Peacemaker
Mediation Works, Jackson County’s Community Dispute Resolution Center, has announced the recipients of the 2009 Imagine Awards for Community Peacemaking.     

Eagle Point community volunteer Joan Jensen and Phoenix High School teacher John Cornet, have been named Honored Peacemakers. Musical director Dave Marston (posthumously), will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Southern Oregon University student Flamur Vehapi was selected Young Peacemaker.

The recipients of the Imagine Awards will be honored at a festive celebration at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25 at EdenVale Winery. Dinner will be served and musical entertainment will be provided by Laura Derocher, David Gabriel, the Grooveyard Trio and the Peace Choir ensemble.

Tickets need to be purchased by Sept. 16. They are $50 per person and are available online at www.mediation-works.org or by calling Chris at 770-2468 ext 302.    

Grady Singletary, president and publisher of the Mail Tribune and Daily Tidings, and Patsy Smullin, owner of California-Oregon Broadcasting including KOBI-TV NBC5, serve as honorary co-chairs of the celebration event.

The Imagine Award for Community Peacemaking honors those who “actively and constructively advance peaceful conflict resolution in Jackson County.”

With her incisive intellect and lightening-quick wit, Joan Jensen challenges all those around her to wake-up, pay attention and make the world a better place.  
Joan is not a quiet peacemaker.  An Eagle Point rancher, she voices her sturdy opinions with energy, verve and spirited goodwill.  She wears her passionate heart on her sleeve and its contagious nature inspires those around her to take action.

Before moving to the Rogue Valley, Joan was a high school teacher in Long Beach, California and a legislative advocate for Women’s Lobby, Incorporated in Sacramento. Her contributions to our community cover a remarkably broad range of activities.

She has served on the boards of the Pacific Northwest Natural History Museum, the Rogue Gallery and Art Center, the Jackson County Vector Control, the D-9 Foundation of  School District 9, the Community Health Center and Mediation Works.

In each of these groups her lively comments always move the group to remember its own cherished values. For more than 10 years on the Mediation Works Board of Directors, where members strive to practice the conflict resolution rules we teach, Joan expressed her spontaneous wisdom through humor. In the midst of a contentious discussion she would often interrupt with one of her famous puns—bringing laughter, a time to breathe, a pause to re-frame the issue at hand.

Then, she would say, “Come on, settle down. This isn’t a courtroom and it’s not the O.K. Corral. Communicate. Talk it out. We will find common ground.”

And with Joan Jensen’s generous spirit as part of the group, we would.


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